Rave24 DTF is engineered and built for users to achieve production scalability. Rave24 delivers a significant boost in production efficiency compared to 2 head and other 4 head systems in the current market. Featuring 4 heads with 4 colors and 77.6 linear ft per hour print speed. Library of color profiles matching with Rave series consumables of ink, powder, and film comes as in bundle with Wasatch RIP software.

Turbine(Workflow Management Software) is seamlessly integrated with Rave series products(DTF Printer and Cutter) to streamline your order management, production workflow and shipping.  


Rave24 Printer


4 Epson i3200

Print Resolution, Speed


6pass (720*1800 dpi), 72.6 linear ft/hour


Rave DTF Ink (CMYK+W)

Heating Elements

Pre-heater, Printing bed heater, Rear heater

Printing Media Width

Max Print Width



RIP Software



220V, 50HZ/60HZ 1ph, 2.0A, 450W

Dim and Weight

70”(L)x29.5”(W)x42”(H), 420 lbs.


Rave24 Shaker/Baker

Media Max width


Oven Length


Heat Temperature

150F to 275F

Dim and Weight

73”(L) x 46”(W) x41.5(H)”, 705 lbs.



Key Features
Automatic ink agitation and recirculation with pre-programmed timing cycle Automatic printhead maintenance during idle;  Purging, Spraying, and Wiping 
Pre-installed Print Heads to minimize mechanical calibration Heating unit integrated in head plate to maintain ink flow for optimal jetting

To prevent the printhead clogging, automatic recirculation module for white ink is activated by pre-programmed schedule during idle in conjunction with ink agitator in the bulk ink system  

With our printer, there's no need for nozzle installation upon receiving it. After a straightforward ink installation and simple debugging process, you can start printing directly

 Each ink baffle is equipped with an integrated heating unit on the outside. With this advanced technology, the printer can operate smoothly even in environments with significant temperature variations. The heating function, during the printing process, guarantees optimal ink flow and optimal jetting.
To prevent ink from settling and solidifying, bulk white ink tank is equipped with automatic agitator and timing cycle functions. These features ensure that the white ink remains fluid and doesn't clog, allowing you to use it at any time with ease.






- The printer operator has been selected and will be present during the installation.

- If printer operator does not have English language fluency, an English translator will be present for post- installation training session

Power supply for Rave24

- The power supply is pre wire and pre run cable with correct size cable in position and ready to connect to the machine at the installation.

- Printer: 220V, 50HZ/60HZ, single Phase, 2.0A, 450W

- Shaker/Baker: 220V, 50HZ/60HZ, single Phase, 20.9A, 4.6KW

Voltage Stabilizer

- If the voltage is frequently erratic or is out of the specified 10% tolerance, then a voltage stabilizer will be required prior to install.

Operational Environment

- Temperature: 68F to 82F

- Humidity: 35% to 70% relative humidity

Working Area

- Working area is clear and tidy with no obstructions with a clear pathway through factory to get machine in to position.

- Floor must handle machine weight, be level with no imperfections and be made of concrete.

Transportation and unloading

- Forklift: 1000 lbs. capacity


 PRICE: $ 34,500