Rave48 is tailor-made for users focused on achieving production scalability. Rave48 delivers a significant boost in production efficiency with it's 5 print heads as compared to the 2 headed printers in the industry. With the 48 inch Width print platform, print more, a lot faster!
Key Features
5 i3200-A1 print heads Damper Heating Function
Electric Rewinding System

Increase your production output by taking advantage of the 5 print heads in the Rave48 printer.

The ink damper has an external heating function. The heating unit is mounted on the outside of each ink baffle. With this feature, the printer can run in an environment with large temperature differences.

In order to better control the rewinding system on the printer, Rave48 comes with the press key rewinding unlocking system to reduce the difficulty of machine operation.

Print Speed 3 Pass  775 ft^2/h 6 Pass  516 ft^2/h 
Media Width 48 inch Print Head 5 head i3200-A1
Accuracy 360*1800 dpi 720*2400 dpi
Max Print Width 45.5 inches Heat Press Temp 320 - 338 F 
Ink Type DTF Ink Power 600 W
Print Software Print EXP Language English/Chinese
Environment Temp: 68F - 82F Humidity 65%-75%
Printer Size 100 (L) x 32.87 (W) x 51.77 (H) inches Weight 661 lbs
Applications  T-shirts / Canvas Bags / Shoes / Caps / Pillows / Pants /Socks
Rave48 DTF Powder Shaker
Max Width 48 inches Oven Length 93.30 inches
Heat Temp 0-752F
Voltage 220v, 20 amp Power 8 KW
Size 93.30 (L) x 75 (W) x 39.37 (H) inches Weight 1985 lbs

 PRICE: $ 48,500